About Molecular Science Corp.

Our brand new central laboratory in Toronto will perform a full spectrum of analytical tests on cannabis and cannabis products, including potency, terpene profiling, pesticide levels, heavy metal content and mycotoxins testing, as mandated by Heath Canada’s regulatory standards.

MSC also provides the industry’s first mobile cannabis laboratory. The MSC mobile lab is custom-built to provide on-site pesticide testing for cannabis growers and processors, as well as an interactive, educational platform to help cannabis companies deepen their understanding of product quality and safety and make informed decisions about cultivation practices and product supply chains.

Our central lab and mobile lab employ state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation, with a focus on liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS), and are linked by a purpose-built Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that enables a seamless flow of information between our labs and our clients.

Leadership Team

Christian Carswell, M.B.A.

Chief Executive Officer

Jack Tasse, CPA, CMA, CIA, MAcc.

Chief Financial Officer

Mauro Aiello, Ph.D.

VP of Lab Operations & Product Development

Board Members

Dr. Theodore J. Witek, Jr., Ph.D.


Ian Morton


David Forster, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D

Director & Audit Committee Chair

Howard Goldman, M.B.A


Dr. Dean S. Elterman, M.D., F.R.C.S.C


Cannabis Metabolomics

Cannabis Metabolomics

Over the past two decades, the ability to identify and quantify a whole range of metabolites from plant material has become progressively simpler and increasingly cost effective. This field of study, known as ‘Plant Metabolomics’, is transforming the discovery process for compounds that impact our everyday perception of plants. However, one of the major challenges we face in the post-metabolomics era is to understand how plants actually make these compounds - compounds, for example, which are nutritionally important or have industrial and pharmaceutical relevance. Combined with an avalanche of sequenced genomes and DNA technology, advances in high resolution instrumentation have finally made it feasible to ‘bring plant genes to life’ and uncover the involvement of specific genes in previously…
Over the past two decades, the ability to identify and quantify a whole…
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Exploiting Genomics to Improve Cannabis Cultivars

Exploiting Genomics to Improve Cannabis Cultivars

Large scale DNA sequence information or genomics has been used with great success in plant breeding for important crop plants to improve yield and tolerance to important environmental stresses like drought. This same paradigm can be used to improve cannabis cultivars, as well as to determine the effect of different environmental growth conditions on how individual cultivars can grow, their resistance to pathogens and the important metabolites like cannabinoids and terpenes they produce. We have the expertise derived from our experience using these technologies to study important crop plants like corn and rice to do the same for the cannabis industry.
Large scale DNA sequence information or genomics has been used with great success…
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