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Molecular Science Corp. is a leading analytical cannabis testing lab located in the Greater Toronto Area that provides cannabis testing services to licensed cannabis and hemp cultivators, processors and pharmaceutical development companies across Canada. MSC is licensed by Health Canada under Canada’s Cannabis Act to provide analytical cannabis testing services, as well, MSC operates under a Drug Establishment License (DEL) and has been found in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Cannabis Testing Lab Services

MSC provides cannabis testing services to a wide range of clients from small craft growers all the way up to large, vertically-integrated enterprises. This includes cannabis cultivators, extract, edible and topical processors, licensed sales organizations, and pharmaceutical drug-development companies. If you are looking for a cannabis testing lab and you aren’t sure if MSC can help, contact us and we can chat!

If you are looking for a cannabis testing lab that provides all testing required by Health Canada for product lot-release, Molecular Science Corp. has got you covered. Some of our primary testing services include: cannabinoid and terpene potency, pesticides and microbial contaminant screening, heavy metals, residual solvents, aflatoxins, dissolution, loss on drying, water activity and more! Check out a detailed list of MSC’s cannabis testing services here.

If you require in-process testing to help better understand your operational processes and to optimize your cannabis product outcomes, Molecular Science Corp. can help with that too. Get in touch to learn more about how MSC supports its clients with custom in-process testing solutions.

We get it done fast!

MSC is also a leader when it comes to speed of science! When our clients need speedy turnaround times (TAT), we are committed as a testing lab to meeting time-sensitive expectations. Whether you need rush cannabis potency samples tested in a hurry or a new test method developed and validated quickly to get a product to market, MSC operates at the speed required to help you succeed. MSC offers industry leading turnaround times for its standard cannabis testing services and also offers lightning-fast rush services for most of its cannabis testing services. Also, MSC is able to rapidly develop and validate testing methods for a variety of newer product types. To date MSC has already validated testing methods for a variety of 2.0 cannabis products including: edibles and beverage products, and an array of cannabis extracts including resin, rosin, distillate, isolate, wax, etc., and more.

As the landscape of cannabis and cannabis-derived products evolves in Canada, MSC is continuously expanding its lab testing capabilities to meet the new and difficult challenges that our clients face with their cannabis testing. In order to meet those needs, MSC is constantly evaluating and integrating new and high impact cannabis laboratory technologies that we feel our clients can benefit most from. As a result, if you don’t see a service that you require listed on our Services page, we still urge you to get in touch as we are always adding new capabilities and work with an extensive network of verified partner cannabis testing labs.

As a cannabis testing lab that is faced with navigating relatively new regulations here in Canada, MSC receives many unique requests from our clients as they find themselves facing regular shifts in regulatory requirements. MSC’s ability to address these unique requests and provide innovative and reliable laboratory solutions in a timely manner is what makes MSC different from the rest.

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