How do I submit a sample to MSC?

MSC makes the sample submission process simple and user friendly. If you would like to submit a sample, please follow the instructions below.

Get in touch.

You can get in touch with MSC by contacting, by submitting an inquiry through our Contact Form, or by calling us at 416-800-0479. Sometimes a conversation with one of our team members up front can make all the difference in making your testing experience trouble-free from start to finish!

Fill out paperwork.

Depending on the type of testing you are looking to have done, MSC requires certain paperwork to be completed prior to the submission of your samples. For all testing, a test requisition form must be completed and signed off by MSC’s lab management team prior to the shipping of your samples. It is important to assign each one of your samples a sample ID, which must be labeled on your sample container(s) before shipping. Additional paperwork may also be required before submission of your samples.

Package samples.

Depending on the type of testing requested, the amount of sample material required will vary. Package the appropriate amount of sample material into a sterile container, then seal and label the container. When packaging your sample container(s) for shipping, you must include a printed copy of your completed & signed test requisition form along with your sample(s).

Ship to MSC.

Once you have packaged your sample container(s) along with your completed test requisition form, you can now ship your sample(s) to MSC. When shipping cannabis samples, it is the sender’s responsibility to follow all applicable legislations and regulations in regard to the contents, packaging and labelling of their shipment. Please refer to test requisition form for MSC shipping details.

How do I submit a sample